Brand Gamblin grew up in San Antonio Texas, where he got a Computer Science degree and pursued video game programming. He worked in the game industry for over a decade, working for such companies as Microprose, Acclaim, Take Two, and Firaxis.

Author, Podcaster, and Programmer Brand Gamblin

Brand Gamblin

He is now working for Tenable Network Security, creating UIs for their flagship product “Security Center”.

In his spare time, Brand created the cult YouTube web show, Calls For Cthulhu, which has over a thousand subscribers, and more than half a million views.

In 2008, Brand entered and won the National Novel Writing Month contest with his YA sci-fi novella, Tumbler. After the first round of edits, Brand released Tumbler as a free podiobook, an e-Book, and in print.

In 2009, Brand wrote his second novel, a steampunk retelling of George Orwell’s 1984.

In 2010, He wrote “The Hidden Institute”, a story about a futurist Victorian world where rising above your station was grounds for execution.

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