Where Am I?

If you’re at Balticon this year, and would like to buy some Calls for Cthulhu Merch, get a signed copy of Tumbler, or just hang out, this is where you can find us (the ones with asterisks are guaranteed, the others are just our plan at the moment):

4:00PM Patrick McLean reading – Chase room
5:00PM Introduction to 2nd Life – Derby Room
6:00PM Social Media for the Midlist Author – Chsapeake
7:00PM * Are you sure you want to go there – Derby Room
8:00PM Opening Ceremonies
9:00PM * Being a parent in . . . – Derby Room
10:00PM 2nd life. Be the you you want to be – Derby Room
12:00PM * From New Media to Old – Derby Room
1:00PM Is there room in the fridge, hon? – Derby Room
3:00PM NaNoWriMo for Noobs – Chesapeake Suite
4:00PM Podcasting Science – Derby Room
7:00PM * Online Spec Fic – Derby Room
8:00PM * Why to Blog – Derby Room
9:00PM Baltimore Fan Culture – Derby Room
9:00AM How to use your Words – Derby Room
11:00AM Dinosaur
11:00AM StoryTelling – Derby Room
12:00PM * Lovecraft Mythos CageFight – Derby Room
12:00PM Walk like a Dinosaur
2:00PM The Truth about the Universe – Chesapeake
3:00PM Astronomy Cast Live! – Chesapeake
4:00PM The Heinlein Panel – Belmont Room
6:00PM * Pitch Workshop – Derby Room
7:00PM * Young Adult Fantasy – How to get adults to read it. – Salon B
8:00PM 2nd life. – Derby Room
9:00PM Grow up New Media – Derby Room
10:00PM * Brand Gamblin Reading – Pimlico Room
10:00AM * Allison Duncan Reading – Pimlico
12:00PM Pros and cons of self publishing – Derby Room

For signings, the best time is either Sunday at 10PM or Monday at 10AM. I’ll be on Twitter, saying where we are as the day goes on. Feel free to DM me if you want to get together. Hope to see you there!

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