The Best Promotion For Your Book

Quick post. I just wanted to show you a chart that proves an old adage that we should all remember. This chart shows downloads of “Tumbler” my first novel, over the last couple of months. Notice the spike over April? What could have caused that? I mean, I’ve been doing a little promoting here and there, but nothing to merit such a consistent rise. So what changed for “Tumbler”?

The answer is that, in April, I started seriously promoting my second novel, “The Hidden Institute”. Promotion for THI actually bled off to help downloads and sales of “Tumbler”. And from what I’m seeing on THI sales, promotion for Tumbler actually helps sell that book too.

Nathan Lowell tells me of a writer who asked his agent, “What’s the best way to promote my book?” The agent responded, “Write another book.”

Here endeth the lesson.


Oh, and if you’d like to check out those books, you can find “Tumbler” here and “The Hidden Institute” here

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  1. The tumbler has a nice cover and nice editorial review in Amazon. I was thinking it might be a science fiction. It is because asteroids and space were indicated. I am also glad that it is available in paperback and kindle formats.

    • Gotta admit, I was tempted to trash this obvious spam. All the same, I love how detailed the post is. I’d love to get a look at their web scraper to see how they pulled out all that info.