Sample from my short story collection.

I decided to put some of my short stories together and release them on SmashWords. Some of them you may have seen, others have never been published anywhere.

Here’s a small sample of the book:

The Danny had lost his anchor, his body, and most of his memories. He was bombarded on all sides by lights, pieces of images, parts of sounds. The pieces of reality from different times and dimensions pushed him further downstream.

He had panicked at first when he lost his anchor, when he felt the stream pop him out of his life like a cork from a child’s gun. His child had a gun like that. His child.

The Danny wondered whether he was male. Could a thing with no body have a gender? He remembered some of his life still, but his memories were in his brain, and his brain was in his body. Whatever part of him survived, swimming against a tide of unreality, it was slowly losing touch with the life he’d had. He fought it, clinging to his life. He had a child, there was a woman waiting for him. Cindy.

The Danny decided he was male. It helped him remember his life. He was a man, a researcher, an explorer. He travelled in dangerous waters to places others wouldn’t believe existed. But he had lost his anchor, and the waters that had once taken him between worlds now dragged him further and further from home.
The place between times was undefined. Nothing could happen without time, and so The Danny knew that none of what he was seeing was real. None of it could happen until he observed it. He remembered that rule, but could not remember why.

The Danny knew he needed to find a shore. He needed a place, any solid ground, from which he could travel back to his own time. He had to find a cusp.

Bright flashes in the distance called out to him. Hard decisions, painful sacrifices, they shone out as anchors before him. One of them would lead him home. The Danny fought against the tide and pushed for one close to him. It shone with pain and loss. The power of the emotion kept it steady when all other potentialities swam around it. The Danny grabbed at it, and saw it. He experienced it from outside, waiting for the point where he could re-enter the world.

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