My Short Story Collection "The Danny" is now online!

I just published “The Danny” for $2.99 USD on Amazon and Smashwords, which means it’s available on the Kindle, Nook, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or e-reader of your choice.

The Danny is the story of a creature unstuck from time, which bounces between realities, looking for an anchor to the world it calls home. Along the way, it runs into several “cusps”, moments of extreme joy and pain. Moments where the world changes. The Danny encounters zombies, time travelers, nanites, alien invasion, mechanized infantry, and magical heroes.

Some of these stories have been previously published. Others have never been seen before. For those familiar with my work, here is a list of stories in “The Danny”:

  • Worse Than The Disease
  • The Rogue Prince and the Newborn Threat
  • A Moments Pause
  • Firebugs
  • Snake Skin
  • Howdy’s Revenge
  • Sandys

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