My Four Hour challenge

So here was my idea. I’ve made a lot of podcast episodes (still in the double digits, I think, but definitely high double digits), so I know the process. Working on 1884, the process worked something like this:

One hour for editing the text. I’ve already written the book, so editing the text is basically just going through two chapters and trying to eliminate bad writing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll likely make another pass or two through it before it goes to print, but I’m podcasting the version that I have on hand. So, the least I can do is make sure the grammar is good, the pacing is solid, I don’t use the same word twice in a sentence, etc.

One hour for recording. Each episode runs 25-30 minutes in length, so it normally takes about 30-40 minutes to record. Nonetheless, I’m taking no chances, and assuming that I’ll use the whole hour.

Two hours for editing. On the one hand, this sounds like over-estimation. After all, spending two minutes to edit a one-minute segment should be plenty, right? But the way I edit, I try to keep pacing between the paragraphs better than I do when I record (taking out all the pauses for breath, taking out the multiples, and such). So, it often ends up taking more than two minutes per minute of content. For that reason, I’m doubling my estimate (see the Scotty Principle for more on that).

So, based on my estimates, I should be able to do one episode of 1884 every four hours. I’m going to test that theory by giving myself from 7PM EST to 11PM EST to do one episode of 1884. In fact, I’m going to make it a little more challenging, by doing the laundry while everything else is going on (cause I’m just hardcore like that).

Wish me luck. It is 6:21PM EST now. I will hold off editing the text until 7PM. I’ll send updates throughout the night, for those who are interested.

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