My 2012 Writing Schedule

Last year, I created a writing schedule in January that I actually stuck to pretty well. Because of that, I was able to write several books last year and publish two of them.

So I’m going to try it again here. This is my wishful thinking schedule for the year. If I do it right, it will let me publish four new books this year.

Here we go:

January – Edit Discount Miracles (DM)
February – Send DM to editors. Record DM for Podiobooks. Edit Tumbler Sequel (TS)
March – Record DM for Podiobooks. Edit TS
April – Record TS for Podiobooks. Start New Project 1 (NP1)
May – Record TS for Podiobooks. Write NP1
June – Record Danny for Podiobooks. Write NP1
July – Record Danny for Podiobooks. Write NP1
August – Start New Project 2 (NP2)
September – Write NP2
October – Edit NP1
November – Write New Project 3 (NP3)
December – Finish NP3. Edit NP1

Now, you may be asking yourself, what are NP1-3? The answer is, I don’t know. One possibility is a sequel to The Hidden Institute, which is less Dickens and more Austen (The Silk’s Glove). Another possibility is a sequel to Discount Miracles (which I think people will be very interested in once they see DM). Also, there’s the chance we’ll do the Film Noir story of Hades and the Zombie Armageddon.

I suppose I’ve got a few months still to find out what those books will be. In the meantime, follow along with me while I try to publish two books this year and write two new ones!

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  1. Please continue writing in the world of The Hidden Institute. I really enjoyed it and would certainly buy more! You put up a Kickstarter for that world and I’ll be there in a flash.

    • As it happens, I just recently finished a short story based on the Hidden Institute world. In this story, Dizzy is roped in by the mob to investigate allegations of bear doping. It’s currently being reviewed by Flying Island Press for inclusion in their magazine. I’ll keep everybody up to date on that one.

      Also, I have some basic notes regarding a sequel for the Hidden Institute which is less Dickens & Verne, and more Austen & Wilde. The next story will tell about what happens to the Silks when the Crone decides to stop hunting students. I’m thinking of calling it “The Silk Glove”.

      Thanks for reading, and I hope to have more information about this world soon.