No Morning Walk today

Y’know, it’s funny. Just yesterday, I left two unintentional foreshadowing clues in the Morning Walk. The first one was when I coughed and said, “Boy, I hope I’m not coming down with something.” The second one was later when, in my hubris, I talked about how I would not let myself stop doing the Morning Walk. I said that external forces like extreme weather or illness might knock me out of commission for a little while, but that I would not let anything else get in my way.

And like all great hubris stories, I was proved wrong in the most obvious of ways. I came down with something fast, painful, and powerful. I spent most of yesterday napping (though, in my defense, when I was awake, I recorded audio). Last night, when my wife saw me tottering downstairs, gripping the handrail, she said to me:

Allie: You’re not going on your walk tomorrow.
Me: It’s not so bad. I may be moving a little slow, but I can still walk.
Allie: You need your sleep. You’re not going walking.
Me: Well, maybe I could-
Allie: I will hide your shoes if I have to.

So, yeah. I’m sure the dogs are disappointed, and even as I sit here, bleary and disoriented, I still feel like I failed. But like Nathan always says on his walks, “Tomorrow is another day. And with any luck at all, I’ll talk to you then.”

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