Invito Rex Character Bio – Lord Dunem


Lord Dunem was based upon Sir John Gielgud

In my new book, “Invito Rex”, we meet the king’s chief of staff and political advisor, Lord Ashford Dunem. He is an officious, proper and cruel leader who is put in a very difficult position early in the story, and spends the rest of the book scrambling to keep the kingdom intact.

Ashford was born the son of an Austrian duke. As a youth, his ancestral land was contested between warring German and Croatian forces. Ashford rose to prominence by helping his father protect their title and lands. When German forces captured the Duke, Ashford earned his own title after convincing his people to accept German rule. He stopped widespread bloodshed, but his family and friends rejected him, forcing him out of the kingdom.

Lord Dunem’s skill and political savvy helped him find other work with other warring forces. He climbed from one faction to another, always landing in a better position with the winning force. Eventually, he was courted by the American royalty and took the highest role of his life. He has stood for years as the right hand of the king, unable to rise any higher. That is, as long as the king is in power…InvitoRexCover


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