“I enjoyed this story so much I finished it in a week, my only complaint is that there isn’t a second book in this interesting setting.” – Nuchtchas

“Reading this novel reminded me of why I first got into sci-fi, when I read all the classic golden age novels of Asimov and Heinlein.” – D.J. Havard

“This book was a real treat.” – Ddog

“Brand Gamblin is writing the sort of science fiction that I am rapidly becoming very fond of.” – Scott Roche

“My only reason for giving four stars instead of five is that I’m not much of a novella fan, and I found myself not wanting the story to end.” – Glen A. Morse

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The Hidden Institute

“Brand Gamblin has created a world that’s part Anthony Burgess, part Michael Moorecock, and all original. In this gritty imagining of a steamy dystopia, Brand weaves intrigue and romance, danger and wry wit into a commentary on contemporary society.” – Nathan Lowell, author of the Share Series.

“… this accessible coming of age saga was such a fun read, It felt a bit like a cross between Tom Brown’s Schooldays and Stephenson’s “The Diamond Age”.” – D.J. Havard

“Brand paints for us a fascinating portrait of a society where the class systems of nineteenth century Europe have reemerged with a vengeance and technology has progressed on a micro, rather than a macro, scale.” – Paulette Jaxton, Author of “The Empress Sword”.

“I wholeheartedly agree with the other 5 star reviews on this site. I’ve even purchased both paperback & ebook versions (excellent quality all the way around).” – Richard A. Green

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