The Hidden Institute in India

Four people in India have downloaded a copy of “The Hidden Institute”. Despite the fact that I’ve given away nearly two thousand copies in the last four days, those four in India seem really amazing to me.

See, we all know that the Internet is everywhere. That’s old hat by now. If I post something public in Maryland, there’s the potential for it to be read in Dubai. But the chances against it are huge. That’s just the way the world works. But those four are different.

Here’s four people that don’t know me, probably won’t meet me, and wouldn’t recognize me on the street. These are people I respect because, if for no other reason, they are very likely multi-lingual, and I got all kinds of respect for that. But they are on the other side of the world, from a totally different culture, and we shared a story.

We sat down together and, despite our thousands of miles of difference, we shared an adventure. Even if half the people only grab freebies, but never read them, that still means that two people joined me in watching Cliffy grow and struggle against royalty, assassins, and his own inner demons.

I don’t know those people, but I know they exist. And that knowledge puts a giant grin on my face.

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