Fund the next Cthulhu Episode!

CthulhuBig“Calls For Cthulhu” is a free YouTube comedy show that I publish sporadically. I’ve done so less and less frequently, and it’s because I have to spend a lot of time on paying gigs.

Recently, a viewer asked where they could put money in to pay for a new episode, so I put this together.

Here’s the deal. You click on that link, make a donation, and tell me if you are okay with me using your name in the show. When we reach a set amount for each episode (currently $500), I will stop work on my other projects, and put together another episode. In that new episode, I will list the names of everyone who donated to that episode and thank them in the credits.

Currently, we are 43% of the way to Episode 12. I’ll update that number as the donations come in.

And thank you, to everyone who chips in to share this great show.

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