Early Morning Asimov

It started with the EP getting up early. For some unknown reason, she got up at 5AM, and was ready at 6. She got to school early, and was able to hold the door for everyone coming in. When she got home from school, she told me she wanted to go to school early every day.

I mentioned to her that I used to go to school early every day, and that I used to sit in the library and read Asimov. She asked about Asimov, and I told her about the three laws. I asked her if she could think of any ways that the laws could be bent or broken to make robots go crazy.

That got us into talking about the mind-reading robot, and “Speedy” who ran circles around a crater, and the robot who worked his whole life to become human. We talked about Elijah Bailey and R. Daneel Olivaw, and a world with no sunshine. We talked about Susan Calvin and the robot that lost itself in an attempt to passively kill its creators.

I gave her “Robbie” to start out, and I promised her that, if she read all the short stories, I would let her read a very special book about a man who could predict the future using math.

She doesn’t believe me, but then, she seldon does.

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  1. I like that. Seldon does. I was just thinking of introducing my daughter to Foundation.