"Discount Miracles" gets a cover!

I just received the final cover art for my new book “Discount Miracles”. Check it out!

This is the story of a salvage ship’s crew who are marooned on a backwards planet. Left in a world where their science is seen as magic, they hire themselves out as wizards who help keep the prophetic promises of the gods.

This cover was made by the Hugo-award-winning artist Cheyenne Wright. Now I just have to get the book edited, podcasted, and out there for the world to see!

What do you think?

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  1. Steve Pritchard says:

    Looking forward to it!

  2. The cover looks nice. BTW, why don’t you get your book edited on any freelancing site?? It’s very cheap and reliable !! Even you book cover could have been done on any freelancing site !! CHeers

    • I may do that. I had some editors lined up, but those fell through. Checking on another few leads, then I may try freelancers.

      • And which editor did you finally choose, Brand? How was your experience with her? Does she come highly recommended by other happy self-publishers? And might she be accepting new projects at this time?

        • Oh, you wouldn’t know her, though she’s absolutely brilliant. I was referred to her by no less a person than the incredible author Patrick McLean, and I owe him a big favor for that. Her name is Deborah-somethingOrOther, and I’m sure you could find out about her availability here on her website: http://www.deborahbancroft.com

  3. Cover looks great. I just checked iTunes hoping the podcast was done…wishful thinking. I really enjoyed Hidden Institute and Tumbler. Will Discount Miracles be on Kindle? Or can I but a .pdf so it can be sent to my Kindle? Anyway, I really like your stories.
    Thank you,

    • Thanks Amber! I hope to have the podiobook available later this year (it will also be produced as a free Podiobook). Discount Miracles will be available through Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, so you will be able to grab a PDF from Smashwords if that’s your favorite format.