WIP from the Hidden Institute sequel

This week, I have written around 1200 words every day. This makes me far more happy than I would be with a single 7k day, because it means I’m getting back into the habit of writing.

To celebrate this good news, here’s a bit I wrote recently that turned out very nice. Hope you like it.



Chester Harrington woke that morning with a song in his heart, and nearly danced his way through the most important day of his life. He oversaw breakfast for his noble parents, helped prepare the bears, and coordinated with the other boys regarding their outfits and the revels to be prepared at halftime.

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Sample from "Discount Miracles"

I just finished editing this section, and I really like how it turned out, so I thought I would share it with you lovely people:


The Prime Minister made a spectacle whenever he moved. Each day Parliament was in session, he was surrounded by analysts, representatives, assistants, and the press. Lackeys and frantic petitioners pushed to gain his attention, and even inside his own office, his workers would vie for attention during that brief opportunity as he walked from one meeting to another.

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Sneak peak inside my WIP

Here is a short sample from the first third of my work-in-progress, tentatively titled “We Fulfill Prophecies” (it is, obviously, unedited, and I apologize for spelling, grammar, etc.):

Anvir fumed from the bottom of the gangplank, “It’s all a collosal waste of time you know.”

Amory helped Josh plug in the last few connectors, “Your position has been made known, Mr. Moore.”

“I’m just saying, isn’t it better to be rich, and happy in a quiet little country than being poor, unimportant, and outcast in the bigger universe?”

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