Balticon Day 1: Friday

So, we weren’t able to travel north to Balticon until after the little one got out of school. After that, we were scrambling to pack, get business cards (BTW, when making business cards, don’t try to print out cardstock at the last minute. Pay the extra few bucks to go to Kinkos. Trust me, it’s worth saving the hassle).

So then we were on the road. About an hour drive, we reached the Towson Sheraton, and checked in. Because we’d done the Priceline bidding on our hotel, we managed to get rooms at a nice hotel despite being dirt poor. Can’t speak to their airfare or car rental, but I was really impressed by how easy it was to get a really great deal on a lovely room.

But enough about that. After we’d swiped our way into the room and tossed all the bags inside, we went running for the Hunt Valley Inn. We headed for the bar, knowing that the location was a point of focus for all the writerly types. Inside, we saw Mur Lafferty, Thomas “Cmdln” Gideon, Steve Eley, and Scott Roche, among others. It was kinda loud and there wasn’t anywhere to sit, so we adjourned to the comparably quiet lobby outside. There we met P.C.Haring, A Kovacs, Nathan Lowell, Zach Ricks, Nuchtchas and her husband (who were in the most amazing steampunk fantasy garb). We briefly saw Tee Morris and Phillipa Ballentine, and we chatted a bit with Scott Sigler. We sat and talked with people for hours. It was my idea of the perfect vacation.

One thing that made it especially amazing was that I met a fan. Not one of the, “Oh, you’re Brand. I read your stuff. It’s pretty good” kind of fans. No, this was an “Oh, my God. I came to Balticon just hoping I’d get to see you. I love Tumbler. No, I mean, it touched me. There have been times in my life where I WAS Libby. I totally related to the story. You are just amazing!” with tears welling up in her eyes.

Now, okay, it may have been the fact that we were out there late at night, and she may have had a couple to drink. It may be that she’s totally regretting her effusive kindness. But all I know is that it was the most amazing display of love for my writing that I’ve ever seen.

I know I’m a newbie to writing, and I know I’ve got to earn my place for recognition, but that lady just made my night.

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