Alpha House

(warning: plot discussion. I don’t know that it’s a spoiler, because I think knowing this would actually enhance viewing)

So, Garry Trudeau made a TV show. Yeah, THAT Garry Trudeau. It’s political, of course. It’s called “Alpha House” and the main conceit is that it’s about a home where four Republicans senators live. I thought it was cute, but not really enough to watch. Allie gave it two episodes, then told me I had to catch up, or she was going to mainline the whole thing without me.

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Chapter one of “The Absent Emperor”

0053I’ll level with you. This book is taking far too long to finish. This is made all the more distressing due to the fact that I left the previous book on a “Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel” kind of cliffhanger. It bothers me.

You deserve better.

So, for those who want to know the secret, here is the first chapter of “The Absent Emperor”, which answers the main, burning question that we were left with.

I promise, the rest will come within the year.



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Understanding Wes Anderson

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Image Source: wish that Bill Murray would come and explain Wes Anderson movies to me. As the star of several such films, I feel he would be eminently qualified to answer my reservations. Mr. Anderson would, of course, be a better source of explanation, but I think all would agree that he is too close to the subject for a truly objective explanation.

I believe Mr. Murray would come in on the Northeast Regional Amtrak train, as he is not a pretentious man, and would enjoy the opportunity to travel incognito among less notable commuters. The Northeast Regional which leaves New York City at 2:02PM, and arrives in Baltimore at 4:32PM. This would give him ample time to sit and discuss the as-yet unrecognized genius while allowing time for questions and perhaps a congenial dinner.

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